Map Optimization

At , we highly recommend a Local Search strategy in all SEO marketing plans. However, it is a necessity for websites that do not naturally conduct business online such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs or other entertainment venues.

Local Search strategies are also highly recommended for service businesses that wish to specifically target a particular geographic area within their immediate real-world reach. Trades people – electricians, plumbers, carpenters, handymen, building contractors, and more – should use Local Search strategies, unless, of course, they do wish to attract clients halfway around the world.

Did you know that at least half the daily searches made are for providers of local services or products? Therefore, if you have a brick-and-mortar location you should not only optimize your site for the services and products offered, but for your local geographic area.

Websites reached through a Local Search typically see increased traffic. But, this traffic also falls into the category of highly converted traffic – more sales! Even if you aim for a global market selling your brand of widgets, many people will have a greater comfort level buying widgets from a local source/

Here’s a great example to consider: Paul and Deb set up a decorating business in southern Long Island on a shoestring budget. There was no way they possibly could afford to optimize their website for search keywords like “interior decorators” or “best decorators,” let alone the universally used “decorators.” Choosing these would return organic searches on possibly the 2,416, 237 page! However, through consultation with , a Local Search strategy focused on selecting keywords like “decorator Copiague,” and “decorator Massapequa,” that would improve chances being found by people who actually lived in their business’ geographic area.

By appearing at the top of the search engines for these kind of searches, not only will you increase your traffic, but that traffic will also have a significantly higher conversion rate than normal.

Instead of concentrating on attracting a large and wider audience, Local Search marketing efforts have actually produce an ROI of 30-to-1.

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