SEO vs PPC; Which Way to Go?

There have been many debates out there but one that is very common among marketers is on PPC vs SEO. Some swear by one while others swear by the other. We are here to demystify this issue and help you choose wisely. They are both aimed at bringing traffic to your website but which one is better?

The difference

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is applied to ensure that you rank highly in natural or organic search engine results when related keywords are searched in search engines. Pay per click on the other hand applies paying for advertising space that is there in the sponsored results section of search engine or other websites. With the latter, whenever the link is clicked you will be required to pay a fee whereas a click from the prior result is free.

Determining which is better

There really is no better between PPC and SEO. It only depends on the business you run how you want to run it and what your goals. Be ware that most users have actually trained themselves to sub-consciously skip the paid results in search engine results. Nevertheless you can still make a great impact using these. Below are some questions you should ask yourself to determine SEO vs PPC which wins in your case.

What is your budget?

Both will require some money to be put in but generally organic SEO is cheaper than paid ads. SEO can even be free if you decide to do it yourself without the help of an expert. Determine how much your business can spend on this marketing strategy and choose a means you can afford to pay for in the long run. And hiring Omaha SEO Expert has benefits of its own.

Are you testing website variables?

There are those times when you would like to determine the best variables that give the most conversion. This is easier done using PPC compared to SEO. You will be able to get results fast and can collect the data you need to come to a conclusion. Generally PPC gives fast results.

Would you like to be always on top?

Being on top is not easy whether you are using PPC or SEO especially if you are in a competitive niche in which authority websites dominate the top search engine results pages. To displace these you will need to invest in a considerable amount of time and money. Keeping up with the updates in algorithms that need to be met so as to remain at the top in SEO may prove to be a challenge. With the help of Bangalore SEO experts however this will not be an issue. The good thing with SEO is once you get there you are likely to get better returns as customers are likely to be more trusting towards you and what your business offers. On the other hand, PPC will allow you to always be on top. All you have to do is pay for the space. This however can end up being too costly with less return on investment. This usually happens when there are many others willing to pay for the same position in paid ads and to be on top so you need to be the highest bidder.

To close this debate on SEO vs PPC, it is up to you to decide the best way to go. Many web marketers’ advice that you mix the two for best results.